Low Country Heaven, Coastal Empire



low country heaven image1

The LowCountry is my home... I live in Atlanta and I travel often but when I think of going back home I feel as if my home is still the LowCountry of Charleston. My family still lives there but it's the places around there that keep drawling me back that make it home. When I am away from this area I feel as if I am missing a long lost friend. I am missing the swinging Spanish Moss. I am missing the Resurrection Ferns coming back to life after a hard rain. I am missing the sounds of nature coming alive right at sunset. I miss the LowCountry because it has been so good to me. This Photograph was taken early this summer after a good rain on a day like any day with a cool breeze. I showed my parents this little spot which is off the beaten path. I envisioned it as the entrance to heaven before you meet those that have past and are waiting for you at the end of this dirt road.