Nalu at Lands End



nalu at lands end

This was captured as the sun was setting at the end of the road on Ke'e Beach here on Kauai.  I believe there was a 20 foot swell hitting the north shores of Hawaii. The tide was very low so I could walk farther out on the reef to capture more of the Na Pali cliffs. I kept shooting through my 28-300 #canon lens. I could see these waves hitting the reef as the sun's backlighting the wave. A giant set came in but only this wave hit the reef right and exploded. As I shot I watch this wave through the eye piece and I knew I had scored a moment that I would never forget. Mahalo to the people of Hawaii for sharing these islands.

Nature is a gift from God. We are here to enjoy it but also protect these natural environments. This is one reason I can't stand politics and Government. There is nothing above God and the his laws not even the laws of man.

As I post this photograph I offer this moment to you. So that you might seek the glory that is nature.  Wherever you go, always take something with you as a gift or offering to your fellow man or women. Treat others how you would like to be treated.


Douglas Stratton