Graphis's New Talent annual 2014


I have 8 images that are being published in Graphis's New Talent annual 2014


This book is a collection of the year’s best work from Professors who have managed to demand and inspire brilliance from their students. Most of this work matches the caliber of top professionals in the industry. In this year’s edition, we feature commentary from the students of the eight platinum-winning instructors: Phil Bekker, Bill Oberlander, Paul Sahre, Louise Fili, Nic Taylor, Piotr Kunce, Carin Goldberg and Behnoush McKay. Graphis also awarded 48 Golds and 54 Silvers and 64 Merits, totaling 174 medalists.

This book presents each winner with a full-page presentation of their work, along with a list of all entrants. Up to 900 submissions to this book will be archived permanently on their website.

Copies can be purchased here.

Creative talent is powerful. Powerful enough to make us laugh, cry, think. If you don’t believe us, throw this book at someone’s face and see how powerful great talent can be.

Jay Marsen & Alexei Beltrone a.k.a JayLexProfessors at School of Visual Arts