Fine Art Photographer Douglas Stratton Unveils Stunning Photo of 2020 Meteor Shower

On July 29, 2020, the mysterious Southern Delta Aquariids meteor shower peaked high in the Southern sky, rivaling this year’s August Perseid meteors (which peaked mostly below the horizon or in fairly bright moonlight).

Even though the Southern Delta Aquariids (SDAs) were discovered in the mid-1800s, no one knows yet which parent object (comet or asteroid) they come from.

Fine Art Photographer Douglas Stratton of Atlanta captured an exceptionally bright display during this unusual meteor shower. He created this image in natural light with a 25-second exposure, looking South over the marshes near the Georgia Coast.  

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Own a Limited Edition Fine Art Print of this Southern Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower by Douglas Stratton Studio In Atlanta.

You may see the Southern Delta Aquariids come again, but they seldom shine like this year’s display, which you can enjoy in its full glory in this unique, masterful composition.

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