Douglas Stratton Fine Art Prints: Perfect as Christmas Gifts!

Douglas Stratton Fine Art Prints: Perfect as Christmas gifts! Give someone you love the heavens. Or the Golden Gate bridge. Or those wild horses that couldn’t drag you away. Winner of multiple national and international photography awards, Douglas Stratton offers  limited-edition scenes of big cities and small wonders; iconic landmarks and remote landscapes; nightlife and…

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Douglas Stratton has what it takes to be a compelling photographer of all he sees in Atlanta and elsewhere

New York State Of Mind

To be successful, a photographer needs more than technical skills and an artistic bent. He also needs a knack for connecting with subjects, building rapport and showing them how to be comfortable before the camera. Douglas Stratton, a fine art travel photographer, has that marvelous combination of personal and technical skills, and clients testify to…

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Our Response To COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates Douglas Stratton Fine Art Studio is taking our responsibility seriously. In order to protect our staff and clients, we are actively establishing measures following the guidelines published by the CDC. We recognize this is a unique time for everyone. The following measures will be in place as long as prescribed…

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