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Since my earliest days of childhood, I’ve been inspired by the ocean\’s vastness and power. For the first 26 years of my life, I lived near the water in various locations across the country, and the bond I have with the ocean’s touch, the constant movement of the waves building, crashing and building again, the alternately warm and cool sand between my toes, and the sun warming my face evoke a genuine feeling of instantaneous joy to me – one that I wish to share through my photography. I thrive on the distinctive feeling of absolute freedom I experience when moving on and in the water. Even simply watching the ocean can evoke a state of euphoria for me. The deep love I feel for the ocean has sparked a passionate need to capture the uniqueness of each sandy shore that I encounter. I have created my “Beaches” series in order to visualize the spiritual awakening brought on anew by each encounter with the ocean.