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Enchanting Landscapes

Each unique photograph in the series “Enchanting Landscapes” represents my pure love for the endless variety of alluring landscapes and the diverse, wide-open topography found in the natural world. In order to capture the sensual and compelling spaces that I have photographed in this series, each work consists of several pictures shot individually, then carefully stitched together to create a vivid and unique panorama picture. As a child, I dreamt of traveling widely to witness earth’s natural wonders. I have been fortunate now to realize that dream, and my passion for travel and exploration has brought me to these truly stunning and pristine scenes.  I seek out, or am simply lucky enough to encounter, landscapes that will permit classic, timeless compositions. By personally absorbing the vitality that each panorama demonstrates, I feel that I gain a greater understanding of my existence on this earth, my inspiration is fed, and I am, therefore, able to channel it into my photography for the pleasure and enlightenment of my viewers.  These \’Enchanting Landscapes\’ images serve not only to capture many of my dreams coming true, but also reflect the cultivation of my soul.